The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide for those who have too little.
— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Making a Difference
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The Power of High School Friendship

The Legacy Foundation had the opportunity to present a grant to the Council Rock School District that will be used for students participating in the Best Buddies Program. This special organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment. The Council Rock High School South participates in this program and matches students with intellectual disabilities with high school students to create personal friendships. These friendships help improve their self-esteem, their outlook on life, and their integration into society. For more information on this unique program please visit

Helping Grieving Children Cope

The Legacy Foundation presented the Mommy's Light Lives on Fund with a grant that was used to purchase 5,000 silicone wristbands with the words 'REMEMBER…' imprinted on them. The mission of Mommy's Light is to bring joy and comfort to maternally bereaved children and teens by helping them keep alive traditions and simple pleasures they shared with their mothers. The bracelets are given to eligible children directing them to the Mommy's Light website which contains age appropriate bereavement and educational materials and information. For more information on the great work of Mommy's Light, please visit their website at

Raising Awareness of Ovarian Cancer

In September 2005, The Legacy Foundation was a proud sponsor of R.O.A.R's (Responsible Ovarian Awareness Required) 1st Annual 5K Walk/Run to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer. The Foundation's grant was used to provide T-Shirts to all the participants. R.O.A.R. was founded in 2002 to educate women in recognizing the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and to acquire the knowledge to seek evaluation and treatment by qualified professionals. For more information on R.O.A.R., please visit

Rett Syndrome - A Mother's Mission to Help Her Daughter

The Legacy Foundation had the honor of helping a single mother who is taking care of her child who suffers from Rett Syndrome – a debilitating, neurological disorder almost exclusively diagnosed in females. This disease leaves its victims profoundly disabled, requiring maximum assistance with every aspect of daily living. Sadly, there is no cure. Transporting her daughter from her care facility to her home in a used van, not configured for a disabled person, was a challenge the mother dealt with everyday. She was determined to provide a better and safer way to transport her daughter. On her own, she set out to secure funding and through our help was able to purchase and install a power lift chair to her existing van. Now she can safely transport her daughter.

Foundation for the Future Through Home Ownership

Saint Joseph's Carpenter Society of Camden, NJ was founded in 1985 to help families improve their quality of life and create safe neighborhoods through home ownership. The Society performs three functions to achieve the success of home ownership: community organizing, housing development, and homeowner education. The Legacy Foundation's grant will be used for their Campbell Soup Academy classes, which will enable and better prepare future home buyers to be responsible owners and community members. Visit to learn more about the St. Joseph's Carpenter Society.

Giving a Voice to Children

The Legacy Foundation's grant to the Children's Hospital Foundation helped provide the funding needed to purchase a special electronic device called a lightwriter. A lightwriter is a special communication device used by speech pathologists. It acts as a computer and speech synthesizer that speaks the words typed by the children. These children may have experienced speech loss from a long-standing problem, or from a recent injury or surgery. When a child is suddenly unable to communicate, it can be a very traumatic experience. The lightwriter allows them to openly communicate with their family, and medical caregivers, thus alleviating stress and anxiety. For more information on the Children's Hospital Foundation, please go to

Providing a Way Out From Abuse

The Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) of Delaware County was founded in 1976 to provide an umbrella of safety, advocacy, and supportive services to victims of domestic abuse. We were proud to help them purchase a back yard play set for their shelter, new sofas for their community room, and a much needed shower replacement. Currently, their expanded services include emergency shelters, transitional housing, preventative education, and legal representation. DAP has remained the sole provider of these services throughout the 49 townships and boroughs of Delaware County for the past 29 years. As a client from DAP stated, "No more pain. No more tears. It's my chance to live." If you or someone you know is being abused, contact the DAP hotline at 610-565-4590. For more information about DAP visit