Making a Difference
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Special People, Special Projects

SPIN (Special People In Northeast) was founded in 1970 to provide social, recreational and vocational services to children and adults with special needs. In 1994, the mission was expanded to provide services and support to individuals with mental, physical and sensory deficits and their families, so that they can enjoy an inclusive life in the community of their own choosing. SPIN's philosophy demonstrates the worth and ability of everyone to contribute in a meaningful and relevant way. The Legacy Foundation supported their project, “Community is Everyone,” which is a weekend event combining a day of stewardship, and a day of fun and relaxation open to all. The grant was dedicated to the Stroll in the Park Day, which supports the purchase of new homes for these very special people. For more information please visit their website at

Snow and Scholarships

Bethel Baptist Church was founded in 1974 in Philadelphia to tend to the community. Through bus ministry, teen clubs, youth programs, Bible institute and many other programs, the church works to make a difference in the lives of those it reaches. The Legacy Foundation gave the church a grant to provide scholarships to students who could not afford to participate on their own, so that they could attend an annual Snow Camp. The camp serves young people in grades 6-12, and consists of daily chapel, team activities, individual competitions and many more recreational activities and programs. For more information please contact Youth Pastor, Joe White at 215-426-1909.

Kids Get Arthritis, Too

The Arthritis Foundation is the nation's only voluntary organization committed to the prevention, control and cure of the more than 100 forms of arthritis and related diseases. The Legacy Foundation's contribution went to the Foundation's Newly Diagnosed Patient/Parent Training Program at the brand new Rheumatology Clinic in Birmingham, AL. Welcome additions to the clinic were two new Pediatric Rheumatologists, Dr. Randy Cron and Dr. Tim Beukelman (from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). There is a severe shortage of certified pediatric rheumatologists in the entire country and getting two top rated, qualified doctors was a dream come true for the new clinic. There are nearly 300,000 children in the United States living with juvenile arthritis and the Arthritis Foundation is committed to ensuring access to treatment for every child who suffers from this devastating disease. For more information, please visit their websites: or