Making a Difference
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Learning is an Every Day Event

Bethel Baptist Academy is a part of Bethel Baptist Church, which reaches out to the community by providing teen clubs, youth programs, bible study and many other programs that make a difference in many lives. The Legacy Foundation provided a grant for five computers and a projector to be used in the academy. They were in desperate need of modern, updated computers and the children and teachers were overwhelmed with excitement upon receiving them. They will be put to good use each and every day, giving the academy the tools and resources needed to provide their children with a valuable education. For more information, please contact Youth Pastor Joe White at 215-426-1909.

Fun Activities Equals Happy Hearts

The Child Life Education and Creative Arts Therapy Department of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the first of its kind in the nation. Recognizing that illness and hospitalization are stressful events in the lives of children and their families, being able to provide them with services such as music, art, pet therapy and other fun activities makes for a pleasant healthcare experience. Our grant provided an Art Cart full of supplies such as paints, markers, crayons, brushes, paper, scissors, sketchbooks, stencils, scrapbooking materials and even a digital camera to capture all of the fun and special moments. These carts travel all over the hospital to patients' rooms equipped with certified and qualified art and music therapists enabling children to express themselves through music and art. Funding was also provided to construct a brand new video production room for their Child Life Closed Circuit Television program. The studio features innovative programming for the children, families and staff, to have fun while watching shows designed to entertain, educate and provide opportunities for interaction. In addition to regularly produced shows, special events such as concerts, magicians, and theatrical performances are broadcast live for children who cannot leave their rooms. There are several game shows including Bingo, Hangman, Story time and Pictionary that are interactive from the studio to their rooms. The studio is also used to make video diaries to send to family and friends for those patients requiring longer inpatient days. This provides a much needed and important connection to the outside world. We were proud to have this opportunity to help the Children's Hospital vision become a reality and put smiles on the faces of the many children and their families faced with illnesses. Our gift also provides Children's Hospital to continue with the research in hopes of finding cures and hope for our children to have healthy lives. For more information please visit their website,

Excellence, Respect, and Perseverance, Our Core Values


YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School believes that every student, regardless of his or her past, can embrace these values and achieve anything. This organization has years of experience helping young people rebuild their lives. In 1991, YouthBuild Philadelphia's founder, Taylor Frome, recognized the urgent need to deal with the issue of out-of-school youth in Philadelphia. The dropout rate in the city's public schools hovered at 50% and there were few job-training opportunities available for young people without diplomas. Their unique program provides high school dropouts with a chance to earn their diplomas while learning vital job skills and providing valuable community services. Dedicated staff and teachers help students navigate their way through the program and transition to full-time jobs and post-secondary educational programs. Our grant helped create a brand new clinical training lab for their Nurse Aid Training Program. For more information, please visit their website at

Hope in Action

On June 14, 2008, fifteen year old Ben was seriously injured while playing ice hockey for his high school team. He was diagnosed with a broken 5th cervical vertebra and a severe spinal cord injury. He spent 17 days in an intensive care unit in Philadelphia and then was flown by medical transport to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia where he spent two months rehabilitating and gaining strength. His mom, dad and younger brother temporarily relocated to Atlanta so they could be near Ben and offer their love and support. Almost three months after his initial injury he was able to finally go home. Our grant purchased a state of the art Easy Stand Glider, which helps Ben with continued rehabilitation and therapy. This unique and special glider maintains blood pressure, minimizes spasms and alleviates osteoporosis by bearing weight on the legs. Ben continues to regain strength and spends his time enjoying life. Please visit Ben's website at for more information.

Faith, Hope, Love and Perseverance

Clara, a 27 year old woman, was sadly dying of cervical cancer. Her seven year old daughter lives with her parents in San Salvador. Clara's dying wish was to be reunited with her family during her last days. She had not seen her family in three years and didn't have enough money to purchase a plane ticket home. The Legacy Foundation, along with the help of her social worker, went to work and ultimately Clara's wish became a reality. One of our associates had the opportunity to meet Clara to present her with her ticket home, and even though there was a language barrier, Clara kept smiling and repeating “Thank You” over and over again. Clara and her brother traveled together to San Salvador where she was reunited with her daughter and parents. It was heartwarming to know that we made a difference by making a dying Mom's wish come true and giving her the opportunity to be with those she loves most.