Our Process

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Who We Are

At Legacy Advisors we pride ourselves in building trusting relationships, asking the right questions, crystallizing objectives and creating a plan that reflects what's most important to our clients.

What we Do

We believe helping our clients focus on everything that is important to them and establishing specific objectives which must be accomplished differentiates us from other advisors. The ability to ask the right questions and listen is a lost art today.

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Lifetime Planning

Defining financial security can be challenging. Our experience indicates many individuals actually focus more on business and estate planning, and neglect to focus specifically on themselves personally. Having a plan which clearly identifies the lifetime objectives and assets to support that plan provides peace of mind and clarity for the future. Our clients benefit greatly by having us identify where they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there.

Investment Planning

We provide independent, objective advice, act solely in our clients' best interests and are held to the highest regulatory standard in a fiduciary capacity. We do not market proprietary products, are independent and conflict free. Our sole source of compensation is from our clients. We sit at the same side of the table advising our clients, providing independent objective advice.

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Estate Planning

We believe estate planning is not just about tax planning and asset protection. Each needs a focus and is very important, but the most important estate planning consideration is to make certain the distribution of wealth to the family occurs in a manner that builds a stronger family and the assets passing to charity enhance the mission of the charitable organization.

Continuity Planning

The continuity of business interests or real estate to be kept in the family is an important aspect of our process. Most of our clients own a significant asset which needs specific attention. Most often, this is ownership in a privately held business. Often, there is a critical decision to be made. Will the business be sold, go public or be passed down to the next generation?

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Philanthropic Planning

Many of our clients have made charitable giving a substantial part of their lives. Giving money away is easy, but giving money away with meaning is much more difficult.

Retirement Plan Services

We work closely with business owners who value their employees and have a desire to provide for their retirement. They also are concerned about their retirement plans meeting best practices. As an independent consultant, we help our clients manage their retirement plan team.

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