Making a Difference
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A New Frontier of Learning

St. Martins de Porres School is a Catholic grammar school for grades K-8 located in North Philadelphia in an economically depressed and crime-ridden area. The school has served poor and minority families for over 100 years. Their mission is to provide an excellent, affordable and sustainable education in their community for years to come. The Friends of St. Martin de Porres School is a charitable organization that was formed in 2004 and in 2010, its Board of Directors assumed the leadership and future financial sustainability of the school in an agreement with the Archdiocese. The Legacy Foundation grant provided two Smart Boards, which are computerized, interactive video and audio blackboards, for their 2nd and 6th grade classrooms. These Smart Boards allow teachers to utilize the internet with special software and touch screen technology, therefore engaging students and providing a higher quality instruction. For more information, please visit their website at

Building Muscles and Character


The Youth Mentoring Partnership, through its Friend Fitness Program, is dedicated to helping at-risk youth forge character and strength through fitness and sport. Through the rigors of intense physical effort and positive role modeling, adolescents develop inner strength, personal character, self-esteem and goal setting skills. These traits allow them to overcome the sometimes formidable obstacles and challenges they are facing and ultimately are responsible for helping them achieve lasting success in all aspects of their lives. The Legacy Foundation grant supported three important recognition awards and ceremonies. Awards are needed for the various levels of accomplishments that students achieve, from the completion of their preliminary goals to final graduation. Our grant provided items such as wristbands, t-shirts, sweatpants, collared shirts, plaques and luncheons. For more information, please visit their web site at

Fear No More

Loudon County Citizens for Social Justice/Loudoun Abused Women Shelter (LAWS) is a dual agency, serving both domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. They seek to empower those who suffer from interpersonal violence so that they may live lives free of fear, anxiety and danger. All of LAWS services are free and confidential. The Legacy Foundation provided grants for counseling for adolescent victims of domestic and sexual abuse, as well as much needed supplies for their Nurturing Program, a parenting class. Visit their website at for more information.

Making a Difference One Family at a Time

Cuddle My Kids is the only home-based, no cost, non-profit that focuses on the children who are coping with a family member having cancer. Through organized activities like crafts, journals, reading and music, children are entertained and kept busy, allowing them to express their emotions in a positive way. In turn, the families are able to rest and focus on their treatments without worrying about taking care of their children. It's a win-win situation for everyone. The Legacy Foundation grant provided the necessary supplies for these activities, such as board games, crayons, cards, paint brushes, first aid kits, markers, construction paper, and much more. For further information, visit their website at

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

ACHIEVEability was founded by community members who were concerned about the future of low-income, single parent families, living in homeless shelters or substandard conditions. They recognized the need for decent affordable housing and comprehensive support in order to move these families from welfare dependence to economic independence. Achievability is involved in housing development, housing management and comprehensive social services. In 2010, 16 parents earned associate or bachelor's degrees through the help of the many programs offered. The Legacy Foundation grant provided funding for their after school enrichment program which offers homework help, enrichment studies such as poetry writing, physical education, and many more. For more information, please visit their website at

A Vision of Hope

Overbrook School for the Blind's mission is to develop and deliver education that enhances the options available for persons with visual impairment and other challenges so they have the greatest opportunity to experience active and fulfilling lives. The Legacy Foundation grant provided three different types of sound amplification equipment used for students with vision and hearing loss, both at home and in the classroom. These systems will significantly improve their ability to learn. For more information, please visit

Preparing Students for Life


Girard College is a boarding school for academically capable students in grades 1 through 12 from families with limited financial resources, each headed by a single parent or guardian. All students receive full scholarships to take part in the school's strong academic program and to live safely on its enclosed 43-acre campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Girard's mission is to prepare students for advanced education and life as informed, ethical and productive citizens through a rigorous educational program that promotes intellectual, social and emotional growth. The Legacy Foundation grant provided funds towards their Aerobic Fitness Class and their Fitness Action Pack program, which included pedometers, yoga mats and resistance bands. These programs reinforce healthy lifestyles and benefit the entire student body. For more information, visit their website at

To Health and Happiness

The focus and mission of the 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University is to provide quality, comprehensive health services to the clients it serves, with special attention to vulnerable people and residents of public housing units in the 11th Street Corridor. In addition, 11th Street provides an exemplary model of nurse-managed, community-based care for the education of health professionals, students and faculty practice. The 11th Street Corridor neighborhood has the highest percentage of unemployed adults, the highest percentage of families living in poverty, and the highest rate of diabetes within Philadelphia. For more information, visit

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Patrician Society is a nonsectarian organization designed to meet the basic human needs of economically disadvantaged adults, children and families in their community of Norristown, PA. Since 1981, they have been providing grocery baskets for eligible households on a monthly basis by way of their emergency food cupboard. They have assisted qualified families with funding for utilities, rent, mortgage and uninsured medical expenses. They also offer a summer day camp with six one-week sessions for boys and girls ages 5-11. In 2009, nearly 1,300 different verifiably needy families received grocery baskets and various other essentials from the Patrician Society. The Legacy Foundation grant provided emergency cupboard necessities for children, such as diapers, formula, baby wipes, baby food, and many other items needed on a daily basis. For more information, visit

A Place Where the Hungry are Fed

In 1996 Brian & Shandai Jenkins helped out some of the homeless in Philadelphia by providing bagged lunches they had put together on their own. They then founded the Chosen 300 Ministries and have been on a mission to bring people of different membership groups together, helping them to realize that despite differences in race, ethnic group, denomination, social class, economic classes, or the diverse ways we practice our faith, we can unify ourselves for the common good. Through this unification, their goals are to distribute meals and services to the homeless throughout the Philadelphia region and around the world. Visit them at for more information.