Estate Planning

We believe estate planning is not just about tax planning and asset protection. Each needs a focus and is very important, but the most important estate planning consideration is to make certain the distribution of wealth to the family occurs in a manner that builds a stronger family and the assets passing to charity enhance the mission of the charitable organization.

In addition, the control of the assets needs to be with individuals and/or institutions who will treat beneficiaries consistent with the values and character of the family. It is the people and the flexibility within the documents that accomplish these important ingredients of an estate plan.

Additionally, if life insurance is a vehicle used to help accomplish the personal, business or philanthropic objectives, it is critically important to constantly review each contract. Most individuals regularly review their investment portfolio. Yet many seldom, if ever, review their insurance portfolio. It is equally as important to ensure that the insurance portfolio is competitive, the contracts are properly owned and the coverage will be there to provide the needed liquidity free of estate and income taxes.